Our Pre-School Program provides complete preparation for formal schooling. At this age, children are still building their distinct identity and are learning to establish themselves both as individuals and as members of a group. They are beginning to discover their self-confidence as they make choices, meet challenges and express their creativity consequently becoming increasingly autonomous.

In Pre-Kindergarten, language development is enhanced through various complex everyday situations. Children begin to develop simple phrases and to group activities. Activities include vocabulary building, storytelling, daily life skills and exposure to children’s literature.

The program includes story time, music and movement, arts and crafts, group activities, pre-math, pre-reading and hands-on science concepts thus allowing activities so they can explore, experiment, imitate, ask questions and, in turn, be questioned in order to further their thinking and problem solving skills.

Although children are in a group, the emphasis is on the individual child and his or her uniqueness. Children are encouraged to participate with a sense of freedom. Our goal is to have your child develop a positive attitude for learning and a sense of wonder without fearing to express himself/herself and ready to enroll in a French or bilingual kindergarten classroom.


Arthur and his friends from the ladybugs class playing with blocks.

Ladybugs group foto.

Our kindergarten class doing their circle time.

Our ladybugs (from the kindergarten class) getting ready to cut some vegetables.