When children reach this stage in their lives, they are noticeably more excited to learn new skills. Our bilingual preschool program is designed to meet the needs of this challenging age. The curriculum is distributed into themed entities that incorporate a wide variety of subject areas and touch upon social, emotional, cognitive, language, fine and gross-motor areas of development. The entities include activities that introduce pre-math, pre-reading skills and language development. The classroom is divided into learning centers that are designed to enhance specific skill areas and eventually introduce the concept of organization, as well as helping to develop grouping and classification skills. The areas include science, reading and storytelling, arts and crafts, blocks and puzzles, as well as an area for free play with age-appropriate toys.

Preschoolers also have access to a wide variety of enriched extra-curricular activities that enhance your child’s educational experience and help them discover their individual uniqueness. They include Yoga, Computers, Arts and Crafts and Gym as well as Field Trips. Field trips of various locations are part of the program every season and parents are encouraged to come along.


Lions circle time.

Lions class enjoying playing with blocks.

Lions coloring.

Lions group foto.