Our Programs

Our main goal is to focus on each child as an individual and then as a group. Each child is unique and because of this, here at La Petite Maison Rouge Daycare we respect a child’s pace of learning and understanding his or her surroundings and environment. Therefore, we strive on adapting an educational method which respects the individuality of each child and encourages self-expression, self-confidence and initiative. We believe that this is achieved through a solid foundation in early child-education along with the Kumon method and with the help of our warm and nurturing teachers, all of whom strive for continued professional growth. The Kumon method is an academic program which allows children to actively develop self-learning skills. Each child progresses at his/her own pace through an individualized program of worksheets carefully planned by the teacher. As a bilingual and multicultural daycare, diversity in our program planning is taken into consideration.

At such a young age, we understand that children enjoy doing different tasks on their own. This is why at La Petite Maison Rouge Daycare we encourage and nurture their independence. Through repetitive simple tasks and exercises, alone or as a group, the children learn to develop their concentration, dexterity, hand-eye coordination, responsibility, independence and appropriate work habits.

To better teach your child, we have 5 classes separated into 4 age groups: