Toddlers like teenagers are in a transitional period as they find themselves to be in a newfound autonomy bursting with energy, impulses and emotions. The challenge for toddlers at this age is to learn to control these characteristics while teachers continuously promote self-esteem. Our Toddlers Program is intended to help toddlers gain confidence and control over their emotions, explore their environment and gain language/communication skills. The beginning of learning social codes and behaviour rules are also introduced.

Cognitive activities include early mathematics, concepts such as sorting or grouping objects, the difference between large/small and the notion of quantity and time. Language development activities include stories, songs, vocabulary words and hard-cover books. Gross and fine motor development activities are very important at this age. Throwing balls, jumping and riding a tricycle are just some of the activities that take place daily, outdoors and in our gym. Toddlers also experience art with our art teacher through the Destination Imagination workshops in order to help them develop their creativity,and fine motor skills. Through a variety of theme related crafts (seasons, nature, animals, holidays, etc.),the toddlers learn to use different materials like clay and paint as well as various tools.