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We provide a safe and rewarding learning environment for children so that parents can have complete peace of mind when they leave their children in our care.

Garderie La Petite Maison Rouge

What Makes Us Special?

Garderie La Petite Maison Rouge

We truly care about your child

At Garderie la Petite Maison Rouge, all our qualified educator will always be there for the children, guiding them steps by steps to be the stars of next generation.

Garderie La Petite Maison Rouge

First class learning experience

Understanding how it is being a child, we will always provide the right learning tools for your child. By using the acclaimed Koumon teaching materials and with the guidance of our knowledgeable educators, we will build the foundation of your child’s future.

Garderie La Petite Maison Rouge

Delicious nutrition

At Garderie la Petite Maison Rouge, all our qualified educator will always be there for the children, guiding them steps by steps to be the stars of next generation.

Garderie La Petite Maison Rouge

Incomparable facilities

Understanding how it is being a child, we will always provide the right learning tools for your child. By using the acclaimed Koumon teaching materials and with the guidance of our knowledgeable educators, we will build the foundation of your child’s future.

About Us

La Garderie la Petite Maison Rouge was founded in 2010, with the goal to serve the Saint-Laurent habitants with a brand new kind of day care, when where the newest form of education are used to help children be more prepared for the world of tomorrow!

At the Garderie la Petite Maison Rouge, we recognize that to give the best experience to your child, having first rate Ministry accredited educators is not all. It is very important to have world class facilities. We have a computer class, a yoga class and a rubber-floored back yard, so your child will grow and learn in a safe and fun environment. To make sure your child has the best food, we have a restaurant grade kitchen, where food is made fresh daily.

Our mission

We offer for children and parents a quality service by providing a healthy and warm living environment for children in the community. The stability and qualification of our staff is a fundamental asset in the pursuit of a quality environment. Collaboration and constant communication between educators, administration and parents is essential to create a living environment conducive to learning and development, both social, physical, and emotional. Here are our missions:

  1. Our first mission is to ensure the well-being, health and safety of the children entrusted to us. We provide an environment conducive to the development of healthy lifestyles so that children, from the age of 2 months to their entry into school, adopt behaviors that positively influence their health and well-being. Our social mission is to welcome parents, children into their differences and similarities and thus meet the needs of the family, while being a resource for their environment.
  2. To provide a living environment to support young children in their overall development. Our daycare's educators set up recreational activities and projects that help children's overall development. It supports children's gradual adaptation to community life by helping children create harmonious relationships with their peers and inspires expression of their views and ideas. Finally, we support their ability to understand their own emotions, regulate them and express them in a socially acceptable way.
  3. Every child is unique. Our daycare aims at the optimal development of the child, respecting his personal characteristics and his special needs. We promote social inclusion for children in our neighborhood who have special needs to have access to quality educational services in a safe and enriching environment.

Our Classes

Our Classes

At La Petite Maison Rouge we promote the uniqueness of each individual, which means that "every child is unique". His/her needs are the basis of its development. We respect the pace of learning and understanding of the child in order to evolve him in different fields of competence. Our main goal is to focus on each child as an individual, but also as a group, to guide children in creating harmonious relationships with their peers.

Teddy Bears Class

Teddy Bears

3 to 18 months



18 to 24 months



24 to 36 months



3 years to 4 years




Our teddy bears have just been born, so we give them special attention. We understand that these are the first days alone without their parents, so we will do everything in our power to integrate them. The infant program is planned with an approach that allows us to follow your child's daily routines and habits, just like at home. The activities for babies are organized according to the daily routines for their age groups while respecting their own rhythm. When time allows, the outdoor play in our backyard offers our babies sensory experiences such as birdsong, blowing wind or different textures. The educators work as a team to ensure that your child receives personalized care with attention to detail, as well as to provide the special support that parents often need to integrate their baby into the daycare.

The real things start... The penguins will make small drawings, start counting, moving more, reacting to the presence of others, they go from the game in parallel to the game in small group. It is a remarkably interesting age for children.

We help children in their appropriations that world around them. We answer their questions, their own experiments in order to promote the development of their thoughts of their reasoning. Children's experiences lead them to understand the relationships between objects and events.

We take care to create a safe and stimulating environment where children get to know each other and value themselves. Through it, children develop their sense of initiative and autonomy. We develop relationships with all children and make sure they are well-being in the group.

Language acquisition is done through the five senses: hearing, sight, touch, smell, and taste that help structure the brain. Educators help develop language and communication by speaking with children, helping them to better express their needs and emotions, telling stories and nursery rhymes, asking questions, and improving their pronunciation and vocabulary.

Toddlers like and teenagers are in a period of transition because they find themselves brimming with energy, impulses, and emotions. This is the time when children begin to be themselves, and to awaken to others. Contact with others will allow them to develop well for a harmonious future, to acquire the ability to feel comfortable in a group, to communicate well and to enjoy contacting others. Our program for toddlers aims to help the little ones gain self-confidence, learn to recognize their emotions, learn routine and sharing, and develop language. Gradually, they will learn to make friends. They will be better able to resolve conflicts with their peers. They will learn to express their emotions. They will be able to show sympathy and, much later, empathy.

Global and fine motor activities are particularly important at this age. Throwing balls, jumping, and riding a tricycle are just some of the activities that take place every day, outdoors or in our gym. Through thematic activities (seasons, nature, animals, holidays, etc.), toddlers learn to use different materials, and they develop their creativity and fine motor skills. The cognitive activities will help toddlers learn concepts such as sorting or grouping objects.

Our butterflies move more than others and they socialize with others. It is an age usually filled with energy, momentum, and curiosity. They seem to be constantly on the move because they are fully enlisted in everything that captures their interest in each moment. At this age, children continue to build their distinct identities and learn to establish themselves both as individuals and as members of a group.

They begin to discover their self-confidence in making choices, taking on challenges, and expressing their creativity, becoming more and more autonomous.

The educational program is designed at the beginning of the year and will allow children to become familiar with new learning: shapes, colors, numbers, talks, cutting, introduction to the word English, computer science, the awakening of the five (5) senses and notions of space and time.

Although the children are in a group, the emphasis is on the individual child and his uniqueness. Children are encouraged to participate with a sense of freedom. Our goal is to develop your child's positive attitude for learning and a sense of wonder without fear of expressing himself.

When children reach the age of 4-5, they are much more excited about learning new skills.

La Petite Maison Rouge's bilingual pre-kindergarten program offers your child a personalized program based not only on the child's age, but also on his or her skills in all areas of development. The space was designed for the autonomy of these children.

During the year with the Stars, your child will have the chance to discover different themes and projects that will prepare him for school. The educational team accompanies the group in the discovery. To this end, it proposes activities aimed at developing motor skills (fine and global motor skills, balance and coordination), creative (crafting and music), social (autonomy, self-assertion, respect for others, sharing, waiting for their turn), intellectual (observation, concentration, memorization, understanding) and language skills (enrichment of the French and English language, pronunciation) of each child.

Regular walks in the neighborhood allows the child to discover the world around him and to be more comfortable with the rules of road safety.


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